About the company
Pooja Dwivedi
December 06, 2021

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The Designer duo Paridhi and Shrishti graduated in B.A. honours of Jewellery Design from Pearl Academy Jaipur. After getting the relevant industry experience they realised they wanted to enter the jewellery industry in two different segments, Wherein Paridhi was keener about the marketing bit and Shrishti had a unique take on the design part of the jewellery. That being said, they further decided on coming together as a brand with their respective interests and skills.
The name Parishri is an amalgamation of both the founders Paridhi Patodia & Shrishti Agarwal.
Lost our jobs at the start of the pandemic in March 2020,
in between all the chaos we kept on designing and finally decided to work on our brand. We started working in September. Taking custom orders from friends and relatives.


Guided by a sophisticated yet dramatic sensibility, we combine unique elements with inventive design to create our collections. A play of floral and fluid metallic forms with exotic crystals and semi-precious stones forms the basis of Parishri’s design aesthetic. The making of each piece is done in house with utmost precision. Parishri thrives on constantly pushing the envelope by designing pieces that are storytellers in their way. Every piece aims to be a piece of art, a style statement and a conversation starter, which embodies a bit of culture and heritage, and also the soul of the woman.
Almost all of our design collections are made from brass with 18k gold plating. We customise jewellery in silver and gold catering to a specific clientele. Considering the design aesthetic and the availability of gemstones as a Jaipur based brand, we love to showcase the heritage and culture of Rajasthan in our jewellery by using semi-precious and precious stones depending upon the client requisites.
Parishri's mission is to make the world a better place by bringing beauty and significance into people's lives. Relationships, people, tradition, the rich crafts, and extraordinary stories, they feel, provide a purpose. Parishri believes that everyone has a story to tell and that sharing that story inspires people to work harder for the greater good.
They are proud supporters of Make in India.